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Our Story

Since our inception in 2008 we having been providing the most cutting edge web solutions available. We understand that no business is the same therefore your Internet presence needs to be as unique as you are. With this in mind we have never and will never use the same cookie cutter templates that most companies do. How your site is built is the foundation for good ranking on all major search engines our skilled developers have extensive experience and knowledge on the key components that drive good search rankings and incorporate those fundamentals in every site. If you can dream it we can build it.

Our Team

After many years working at several of the top companies in the internet industry we had an epiphany….. Why not assemble a team of the best and brightest coders, graphic designers, app developers, SEO and SEM specialists and offer them the ability to do what they love and have the freedom to work from where ever they choose.  Enter Sure Sites.  By eliminating the need for an expensive office and ability to attract the best in the industry with the prospect of working when they want where they want we are able to deliver for our clients the highest quality workmanship at the best possible value.  Due to the years of experience working in the industry and the wonderful contacts and friends we’ve made, our team members are often made aware of important changes and online trends months and sometimes years ahead of other firms and the general public.  Right before getting to this site there is a 99% chance that you were on a site that someone at Sure Sites worked on.

Contact Us – Our advice is always free.

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Our advice is always free.


"A rising tide lifts all boats"

John F. Kennedy

/Our Approach

Being small business owners ourselves, we fully understand the numerous concerns and pitfalls a business owner faces everyday and how every dollar is precious.  Our goal is to help each of our clients grow and feel confident in knowing exactly how their online campaigns are performing.

We offer every client 100% transparency and tracking through our online platform which is accessible to them 24/7.  Since we know how well our marketing strategies work and our clients are able to track their return on investment to the penny, we require no long-term contracts. All of our work is done on an at will month-to-month basis and our clients willingly invest with us every month because they see results, not because they are locked into a 3, 6 or 12 month agreement.  Think of it this way, would a financial planner ever ask a client to invest a set amount of money every month for a year? …of course not.  So why would a company that invests your money online do the same?

Our results will speak for themselves and we will grow as your business grows.














If you can dream it, we can build it!

/Web Development

Professional Development to Enhance Your Brand

Custom Web Development that Meets Your Needs and Budget

We offer a multitude of custom website design and development services that meet the needs and budget of the individual or business we work with.  With the experience of serving multiple industry needs, the Sure Sites Team can create sites for local businesses to large international corporations.  All sites are built using SEO best practices, the latest technologies and most compatible platforms to provide our clients with the maximum benefits.

No two of our sites look alike.  Since we have such a large number of completed works and are constantly adding to it please contact us for a list of the most recent launches or the sites we’ve done for businesses in your industry. Shoot an email to [email protected]  and feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your business, we love meeting new people.

All of our work is 100% customized and geared to generate a return on invest for our clients.  Our job is to work within your budget and come up with a website and or marketing strategy that best suit your needs.  We can proudly say that we have clients that vary from a stay at home mom that makes a little extra cash on the side by blogging all the way up to multinational Forbes 100 corporations.  If your business falls somewhere in between shoot us an email or give us a call we would love to chat and see if we can help. Our advice is always free.

Smart phones are fast becoming the norm.  Let Sure Sites ensure that your site is visible on the latest versions of IPhone, Android, Blackberry, Tablets, and whatever else has been invented since we have written this.   Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our Mobile Websites in action.


Capture the potential of this exploding medium! The Sure Sites team can develop custom applications for any platform or device including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Put your business right at potential and current clients’ finger tips.  From concept to launch Sure Site will help you design and develop a mobile app that will both engage the user and promote your business or product.  Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our mobile apps in action.


Move your store online with Sure eCommerce!  We offer complete online solutions on advanced and user friendly eCommerce platforms.  Let Sure Sites build you a custom eCommerce website to sell any product and fit any budget.  Have the ability to optimize each product on all of the major search engines and shopping sites with the push of a button.  Our revolutionary platforms will allow you to manage inventory, track shipping, push your products onto the major online shopping outlets and most importantly, generate online revenue for your business.  Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our online stores in action.

Engage your audience, keep your clients updated on the latest trends in your industry, become an authoritative voice in your space.  Sure Sites custom blogs will give you the medium to voice your message.  Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our custom blogs in action.


Whether it’s a new website or an existing one Sure Sites has hosting and maintenance plans to suit every budget and technical requirement.  Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our online stores in action.

Need to register a domain or setup email?  Sure Sites offers a self-service site for email and domain registrations for up to 20% less than other registrars.  Look to see if your domain is available on


Want to see some of our projects? Request a sample from our portfolio.


Successful and transparent results like you've never seen before.

Let our team of experts collaborate with you on all of your marketing and advertising needs.


Marketing Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Always Generating The Best Results

The main question most businesses have is where should I be online to get customers? The answer is different for every business; some benefit most from social media, paid search, email marketing, SEO, or a combination of each. It can be a very daunting task to quantify results and know which of your online efforts are working and what is just costing you money.
All clicks are not created equal. Through the use of our proprietary algorithm we are able to identify the best possible search terms and placements that yield the highest customer conversion. Through our highly advanced tracking platform our clients are able to login 24/7 and listen to the actual phone calls and leads that have been generated through our marketing efforts thus enabling them to track their return on investment to the penny.
We employ many different strategies in an order to generate the best results. They would include:

  • PPC (pay per click)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Submission Marketing
  • Online Press Releases
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Directory Submission
  • Reputation Management
  • Text Marketing
  • Online Contest Marketing
  • And Much More……

Agency Services:

Let our team of experts collaborate with you on all of your marketing and advertising needs. Sure Sites agency services offer everything from corporate identity packages to media buying and placement. Our team boasts an impressive portfolio of directional and creative campaigns for some of the top fortune 500 companies.

Sure Sites, Inc. specializes in search engine optimization, which is the process of improving a website’s rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you’re looking to increase your visibility, we can help.

Sure Sites Inc offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for businesses serious about attaining high rankings on the major search engines.

Our Search Engine Optimization services include:

  • Link Popularity Building
  • Content writing
  • Directory Submissions
  • Meta Tag and Title Tag Optimization
  • Web Videos
  • Blogs
  • Video Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Much More Depending on Business and Needs.

Expect Results!

You will usually start to see improvement in rankings within 3 months on the major search engines, depending on the level of competition you face for your targeted keywords.  Some improvements are easy and results can be seen in as short as one week.  Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process since the search engines constantly change their formulas for determining search engine rankings.  Results can never be guaranteed but we have never failed to get a website in the top 10 results for the targeted keywords. Our search engine optimization fees are different for each client since each project we take on will be unique.  Contact Us today for a free consultation and analysis.

Sure Sites Inc offers PPC (Pay Per Click) management services.

Our PPC Management Services Include:

  • Campaign setup & monitoring
  • Bid management
  • Budget management
  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation and ad copy
  • Ad analysis
  • Campaign consultations
  • Account managers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Opportunity identification
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • and more depending on business and needs

We can help you bring in traffic from all of the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our expertise in Pay Per Click management will ensure quick results for your business without blowing through your budget.

We use a combination of interviewing your company along with keyword research tools and our known best practices to help us come up with the best targeted phrases to ensure targeted traffic visits your website.

If you are looking for an immediate opportunity to be ranked at the top of the search engines, and bring in more business, contact us today.

Accelerate your customer acquisition by engaging more customers and your customers’ friends through social media marketing. Sure Sites can turbo charge your word of mouth marketing online through social media.

Sure Sites revolutionary platform ties all of your social media together on an easy to use interface, allowing you to update multiple social networks, blogs, email and text marketing at once! Engage with customers, measure results, and monitor your brand across multiple channels. Save time by scheduling your messages in advance and using our automated responder tools.
Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are household names, and lacking a presence on these social media giants is no longer an option. We will help you manage and grow your networks on these communities and many more.

Sure Sites Inc can help you plan, create, implement, and maintain a successful social media marketing campaign.

Social Media is the newest buzzword in the business world today, but how can it improve your bottom line? Social media is an excellent, less intrusive way to put your brand in front of potential buyers. However, social media is only effective if it is kept updated and fresh. A stagnant social media presence may do more harm than good. That is why the experts at smart media will help you create an ongoing social media marketing campaign and implement that campaign for you.

Sure Sites Inc Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Facebook Management
  • Google Plus Management
  • Twitter Page Management
  • Youtube Page Management
  • LinkedIn Page Management
  • Numerous Additional Social Networking Sites Management
  • Viral Marketing Services
  • Blog Management
  • and much more depending on business and needs!

Contact us for a no cost no obligation consultation for your social media marketing needs.

Sure Sites, Inc. can help you identify, target, and reach your audience, by using the industry’s most powerful consumer databases. We will deliver the right message for you through the right channel.

How many of your clients slip away because they were not quite ready to make a purchase when they met you?

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your clientele.

Educate your customers on alternate or new services your business provides which they may not be aware of.

Continue to remind your customer base that you are here and ready to serve them when they are ready to make a purchase.

Sure Sites Inc can plan, create, and implement a successful email marketing campaign for your business.

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation for your email marketing needs.

Track the success of all of your advertising investments with Sure Sites proprietary tracking software. Sure Site’s data capture and predictive algorithms will ensure all of your marketing is running efficiently and you truly achieving a return on your investment. From click stats to call recording we have you covered. Call us today for a free consultation and to see one of our tracking platforms in action.

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